I have lived at Woodhollow for almost 2 yrs now and plan on renewing my lease because im pleased with where im at. Office staff is nice manager always wrks with me when I need super friendly as well 🙂
TriciaMy boyfriend and I moved in in July and have loved it ever since. Sure there have been a couple things go wrong, but that’s going to ALWAYS happen with older complexes. That’s life. But everyone has been more than helpful getting everything fixed as soon as possible. The staff is nice, grounds are kept clean (they have workers walk the grounds and clean up a lot of mornings) That’s a huge plus in my books! The pool is nice, prices are great, and our neighbors are quiet. I’m not sure what building the other/older reviews were talking about, shootings? police? murders? roaches? LoL I hope not? All in all, we really love our apartment. It’s not the ritz, but for what we are paying a month it’s fantastic, and it’s OURS. I think a lot of people get caught up on expectations of paying very little and getting so much more. Reality is, this apartment complex is in a GREAT part of SA.Everything is local, yet still a little off the main drag to be peaceful! For the price, and second chance leasing I think they are doing a fantastic job. We won’t be moving any time soon! As a side note, I have noticed a few pitbulls, and I’m aware of the dog policies in place. However I don’t agree with them being allowed off leash since it is within the city limits and leash laws apply to ALL dog breeds. That seems like more a city issue not the complex. I commend the complex for giving people the opportunity to have their fur babies no matter the breed and still be able to find a complex they can afford to call home. Also, for those complaining this is the worst complex ever, you have the chance to move some where else, I’m pretty sure the staff and management won’t miss your rent money, and would want you to move on to another location that shits sunshine and rainbows for you for only $510 a month. o_O just sayin’ …. Two happy renters, and people who call Wood Hollow HOME!

I love Brandie – she’s a great Property Manager!!!!
I really need to report on what a great job my property manager Brandie does. My name is Patricia and I live in Woodhollow apartments on San Pedro. Brandie is not only nice but very helpful. She is the main reason I am so comfortable and happy where I am. She is professional and by the book but understands people have unfortunate circumstances sometimes and is always willing to help as best she can. I have lived in Woodhollow for a year and a half now and do plan on renewing my lease for a second time because I don’t want to leave where she is. For that reason I asked her for a way for me to contact her boss (something I’ve been wanting to do for a while) to inform him/her of how pleased I am with her and the service she provides.
Very Happy Resident,

I just want to say that in the past 2 1/2 years that I have lived at WoodHollow, I have been very happy.
I love my home and will continue to renew my lease as long as I live in San Antonio. The office staff have been very nice and friendly. Brandy always has time to listen and seems to really care about her tenets. I also want to state that I do like the fact that yall have repaved the parking lot. It looks so much better. And the new mail boxes are a great upgrade! Thanks for having me as a resident! You guys are great!